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Can you make the white color whiter?

I found this interesting article from InTouch, hope you enjoy it
Can you make the white color whiter?
Can you make the white color whiter?
Don’t get too scared people, of course I do not mean that they are undergoing a real world war II or anything, but every designer/client has indeed gone through this path before in their professional life. Let me just say that it is nobody’s fault that this happens, clients should know that they are working with creative people, & designers should understand that the client is trying to deal with something he has never dealt with before.
Communication, communication, communication!
First of all, communication is a very crucial matter to take into consideration; every feedback or message should be loud & clear from both parties. Creating an online experience is a collaborative effort; it is all about the team including the client.
Having said that, we should now discuss several ways where designers can improve their relationship with their clients.
Involve your clients … but not too much.
As a designer, it is always good to involve your client during the process of completing a project, even if you show up after three weeks with the finished work because you respect the deadline and you work within the budget your client might still not be happy with outcome because he was not involved in the process.
Don’t get me wrong; many clients tend to be TOO involved with the project that it turns out to be a disaster. If you involve your client a little he will appreciate your work because he will get the chance to see it develop from a basic small idea to a successful experience.
Show them you are the expert.
What I mean here is that client came to you with an idea because you know how to turn this basic idea into gold! They should not come to you and start teaching you how to do your job because you already know how to do it.
Always explain to your clients what you do and how you do it, show them that you are an expert on the subject, educate them about the different rules about designing for web, because there is a misconception that web is the same as print.
Also showing data that you have researched, and examples of how other big websites are using the same technique you used in the design is very important. Research provides a strong support to the big decisions you made while designing a website.
Don’t pull out a whole design book and start reading it to them of course not! Just explain the small rules and give examples so that your clients could understand your choices that you made while designing their solution.
In conclusion
Being a designer or a developer in the web business is not easy at all, not just because of all the skills you should learn along the way, but because you have to work with people that are different every time. No two projects are the same and no two clients are the same either. Challenges & problems will appear and it’s up to you to fix them.
Respect your clients and they will respect you back.