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Marketing and The Digital World
Marketing and The Digital World
I discovered my passion for Marketing in my early twenties and decided then that I wanted to pursue my Master’s Degree in marketing, ever since then my passion for marketing and current trends has grown and grown.

That pleasant marriage between science and arts which makes the foundation of every marketing venture; that joy of setting the strategy and diving into the depth of every objective creating a value for the customer and the stakeholders as well, building and growing a brand; wouldn’t happen without a meticulous mix of figures, visuals, and networks and a lot of imagination.

I will now elaborate a little about the figures, visuals, and networks, but specifically about the digital world of marketing and social media.  This was a world that I wanted to be more involved in to add the cherry on the cake of my extensive experience in the marketing world.
Knowing your audience and communicating with them effectively through the old formats of billboards, TV ads, brochures, magazines has now evolved remarkably now that we use the mediums of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, Blogs and other online platforms. Creating a customer experience is not anymore exclusive to the customer entering the shop and seeing, touching and/or smelling the product; it is developing now into an online customer experience, where the target audience is developing a pattern of online behaviors. The art of perfecting Social Media is to target the right audience member with the right message/visual engaging them effectively and creating that emotional bond to the brand through a virtual world.

The tools that were created and developed to measure the impact of your campaigns and your ROI  which compares your brand to that of your competitors is just a click away, a seemingly simple task that takes months of research and plenty of resources in the offline world to produce. This leaves you with the analysis of all these figures, graphs, patterns and trends; coming up with a strong social media strategy  joining the old school family of communication channels  

Finally I would say, the spring of knowledge never drains, and wise is she who thrives to experience it and feeds on it but most importantly learns from it.