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A Social Media Travel Assistant Anyone?
A Social Media Travel Assistant Anyone?
Have you ever traveled with a partner or friend who is obsessed with taking pictures? or are you one of those addicts? Do you spend 10% of your trip vacationing and 90% of it taking pictures? Don’t you think that there is so much more you can do on your trip to enjoy it rather than just waist it on taking pictures, retaking the same picture repeatedly until you’re satisfied; and wasting even more time by sharing them on social media?

Well because the people at Bruvion Travel, a high-end luxury company, know the importance of digital detox during their clients vacation, they came up with  what they call the “Selfie-less Travel” packages; where clients have the option to either choose a 24/7 Social Media Travel Assistant, starting $500/day; or a Local  Social Media Guru Guide, starting $250/day. While the former option offers a travel assistant that captures and documents every part of the tourists’ trip on their social media platforms; the ladder is an option more appropriate for those who wish to have some privacy during their trip by allowing the travel assistant to capture only the highlights of their vacation.

It’s like having a three in one package! A skilled photographer, a professional city guide and a social media expert at your own convenience on full or part time; which means more quality time to enjoy your vacation!

As one unknown author said: “enjoying life in the moment is the real luxury in life.”

So now, you have it, the luxury to enjoy every moment of your vacation…