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Technology then & now
Technology then & now
Technology is defined as the tools both material and immaterial that are created in order to attain some value.

We all know that technologies are changing every now and then. Due to the constant modernization of technology, things that used to be complicated and time consuming are now considered hasty and efficient. But often times, technology that is supposed to make our lives easier, may seem to make things harder too. Leaving us with cameras, smart phones and other latest gadgets with hundreds of strange features and book-length manuals and needs enough battery to keep it on and functional. Technology has affected our recent lifestyle since most of the people now depend on the internet to do some stuff and spending more time in social networks.

Here are some noticeable evolutions of technology:
- Entertainment
During an old era, the sources of entertainment were just limited to bulky televisions, radios, and movies that were played on theaters. Currently, people are now able to watch shows in big flat screen televisions, listening music through their ipods, ipads and cellphones. Movies can now be viewed in 3D cinemas, which make the scenes more real and entertaining. In addition, these can easily be viewed as well in youtube or in any sites that you may be able to download movies.

- Communication
Back then, people used to write letters manually and send it through mails or by posts for them to express their love and greetings to their love ones who are far away from home and it usually takes days or months before it will be received. Nowadays, just one click and violah!!! Back and forth messages can be done on the spot with the chance of seeing each other through video calls. People can connect easily by using their mobile phones and internet through Skype, Facebook, Messengers, and any social media.

- Advertisement
Advertisements and campaigns were previously seen only along the streets, stores, radios, newspapers and TV commercials. Due to rapid transformations of modern technology, advertisements and campaigns are spread out to any social media, websites and even in mobile applications. In which nowadays is the easier way to promote products, goods or services since people are now spending most of their time online.

- Transportation
Due to modernization of technology, people can now travel elsewhere faster and conveniently with the aid of cars, buses, ships, trains and planes. During ancient period, moving or traveling from one place to another is just limited through walking, horse riding and boats which enable the traveler to arrive to the destination later.
To wrap up, there are many cons and pros to technology. It could be helpful or harmful to humanity. The way technology should be used as a tool and for helpful reasons. Technology persuades every aspect of people’s lives.