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Copywriting Tips For Beginners

I found this interesting article from InTouch, hope you enjoy it
Copywriting Tips For Beginners
Copywriting Tips For Beginners
Many people believe that having a way with words is something innate, not something you can learn. Although some people may be born writers, I personally beg to differ on the theory that claims that bad writers are destined to remain so.

Look to writing as a sport. While yes, talent does help, a practice almost always makes perfect. And just like sports, there are techniques and game plans that make you practice even more efficient.
So before you take on more copywriting work, keep these tips in mind:
Do The Research
This is the one, uncontended rule of copywriting - do the research. Sometimes copywriters type down facts they are not completely sure of and believe that no one will notice. Well, people notice and they are gonna call you out. Getting things wrong once or twice is ok, but after a few times, you could lose credibility as a writer.
Tell A Story
Who are your favorite writers? Exactly! All of them are storytellers, so tell a story. Don’t complicate things for yourself and your readers, write your piece the same way you would say it. People are used to listening to stories and will be able to follow something more easily if it's written in a narrative tone.
Don’t Be A Smarty-pants
Who are you trying to impress anyway? Keep it simple and don’t use words no one understands. In the end, you’re not writing to show your skills, you’re writing for someone else to understand, so don’t make it hard for them.
Use Visuals
A smart visual is as important as a catchy title. Keep in mind that before reading any words, your readers will see (and inspect) the accompanying visual. An attractive visual could be the key to attracting more readers, therefore, choose your graphics wisely and don’t be afraid to be bold.
Be Original
Most people want to sound professional and therefore follow the footsteps of writers they admire. While drawing inspiration from good writers is a great way to get started, don’t be afraid to drift and let your own voice take over. In the end, you would want to have a writing style that is associated with your own personality.