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Facebook tricks you didn’t know existed!

I found this interesting article from InTouch, hope you enjoy it
Facebook tricks you didn’t know existed!
Facebook tricks you didn’t know existed!
More than one billion people are nowadays active on Facebook. However, only 15 to 20% of the users know these tricks. Are you one of them?
  • Check all your friend requests ever!
Facebook keeps track of all the persons that ignored or deleted your request. On the link “People you may know” > click “see all button”. Under new friend requests, click “view sent requests” - Or just click here.
  • Pick a “Legacy Contact” after your death!
Aren’t we all going to die eventually? Facebook gives you the ability to name a Legacy Contact who can manage your account after you pass away.
The person will get the ability to pin a post on your timeline, respond to new friend requests and update your profile picture or simply opt to have your account deleted.
Go to Settings > General > Manage Account > Edit. Under the Legacy Contact tab, choose one of your Facebook friends to give them the right to handle your digital affairs.
If you don't want a Facebook account after you’re gone, you can request to have your account permanently deleted instead of choosing a Legacy Contact.
  • Spy on your girlfriend/boyfriend!
Facebook helps you spying on your loved ones. Go to the search box at the top on Facebook and start typing "photos liked by” and follow it by your friend names or even celebrities.
  • Check Who's Logged Into Your Account
This comes in handy if you log in using a friend's computer or a public computer, but forgot to log out. You probably want to know if someone snooped through your Facebook profile without your permission. All you have to do is go to your Settings page > Security and Login folder >"Where You're Logged In." It provides you with data on the location, browser, and device. Not you?  Easy. Log out from a specific device (click the menu > Log Out) or all devices at once (scroll down and click "Log out All Sessions.")