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An Equation for Success
An Equation for Success
6X – 7 = 2X+5
6X -2X = 5+7
4X= 12
X= The success of your corporation … Wait what?

Don’t panic, we are not here to talk about linear equations or mathematics!
As a child, we all at least once heard: “pay attention to math, you will be using it your entire life.” But now, as adults, we are under the impression that we don’t need the area and perimeter formulas to do grocery shopping.
Well, that’s true, but it also depends on your attitude towards things. Even when it comes to mathematical formulas.
In this sense, you have to ask yourself how you can use a formula such as one of the linear equations to measure the success of your corporation. It’s easy, let me explain.
First of all, we should all agree on that the key to keeping a business up and running is to keep its staff happy and comfortable. When your staff is happy, they generate results.
But reaching a balance between comfort and proficiency is not as easy as it sounds, so let’s see how we can apply some math to find a solution.
Considering that X is the unknown variable, we need to place the coefficients in the correct order so we can gather them, calculate them and get the result. Not so complicated, right?

Our coefficients are:
A= Good communication between the employees and their managers, as well as a mechanism for constructive feedback.
B= Flexibility in schedules and more focus on productivity, along with recognition of achievements of the staff members.
C= Offer growth and professional development opportunities to each and every member of the corporation.
D= See your co-workers as your friends as well.
What remains is to calculate X, and we do so by following the given formula. Here are the mathematics behind the magical formula that can evaluate your business's performance.
First, we put A and B on one side of the linear equation and C and D on the other one. But since they are still freestanding, we’re far from the final solution. In order to find the true value of “X”, you should follow this formula:
XA + B = D + C
Then move all freestanding coefficients to one side.
XA= D + C – B
Then divide the sum of all coefficients over A
X= D + C – B / A
There you have it, the value of X.
And X = the success of your corporation… et voila!